Dancing in the Dust (Poem_

And there we were

High in the house

Locked and shuttered in the disappointment room*

While from far below

The laughter and music drifted up

And we knew that crystal chandeliers hung

Casting light and warmth

Over our elders while they danced at the ball

And we could imagine the wine in sparkling glasses

And see the taste, and feel it spilling down our parched throats

So we held each other close

And danced in the dust.

*A  room, usually on the top floor of the house, where mentally disabled or mentally ill children were kept during the 1800-1900s to remain out of the public eye.

5 thoughts on “Dancing in the Dust (Poem_

  1. Hope I never have an appointment with disappointment!

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  3. Reblogged this on artbylisabelle and commented:
    Beautiful, haunting and romantic Poetry!

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  4. Though the poem has universal meaning in that it applies to anyone who has been rejected by society, it applies to e cig users in particular because of the unjust treatment they are receiving..

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    • Robert Innes says:

      To be more accurate Lisabelle, it is about those rejected by society because their presence offends societies sensibilities.

      NOTE: I had difficulty with tense because i wished to merge past and present as if they were the same. maybe incorrect, but deliberate.


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