Infographic demonstrating how our agencies fall victim to regulatory capture, OR, They REALLY NEED us to fall ill and die prematurely through smoking.

The infographic was sent to me by a medical professional who does not wish to be identified. It is so clear that it really does not need anything else. It has been argued that infographics can be misleading – Not this time.

Recent events – in Canada, in Wales, in fact all over the world bear witness to the corruption which exists in the shady world of Tobacco Control.

Even if you are not a smoker you will know / care about someone who does. I am very much afraid that the powers that be wish to remove that person from you just as soon as they have milked every last cent they can from their existence in order to gain some profit and / or advantage for himself / herself.

Now, the infographic followed by two or three interesting links.



Reg Capture Image

Reg Capture Legend

Canada, Australia, Wales, USA, EU and others… It is not really about health, is it?

Click to access 42.pdf

Click to access RegCap.pdf

Click to access handout%20-%20regulatory%20capture.pdf
Yes, it is about money and power.

10 thoughts on “Infographic demonstrating how our agencies fall victim to regulatory capture, OR, They REALLY NEED us to fall ill and die prematurely through smoking.

  1. kin_free says:

    Sorry Brian, but this is just more anti-smoker propaganda dressed up as ‘support’ for vapers. I reject the ‘smoking kills’ rhetoric and junk science that supports it – there is now ooodles of evidence to support this view.

    If you want to beat these anti-smokers then WE (smokers AND vapers) have to stick together. Reiterating their propaganda to reinforce anti-smoker indoctrination in the hope it furthers the vaping argument, falls right into their hands.

    THEY (anti-smoker nutters) are divided on the vaping issue and WE need to use this division to OUR advantage, but THEY want US to be divided so they can beat us both. It is so obvious that the anti-smoker action blueprint is now being used on the vapers – DON’T fall for it. The lies used to ‘de-normalise’ and beat up smokers is the same lies now being used on vapers – emphasize that please!


  2. befrits says:

    Hi, could you consider sending high res of those 2 info graphics to Thanks in advance. As reciprosy I will send you an info graphic on how the system works in Sweden to keep relevant THR level data on snus from the Swedish public and also the international work to the same effect. Cheers and have an excellent Silly Season


  3. kin_free says:

    To qualify this further, I agree with the general message of the model but not the key issues regarding active smoking outcomes;

    Point 2) – This is old original propaganda used to demonize tobacco companies to create a ‘devil’ hate figure, while cynically (wrongly) shifting the burden of evidence from them having to prove harm of smoking to the tobacco companies having to prove no harm from smoking. MANY smokers now smoke organic, additive free tobacco too, therefore this does not apply to them.

    Point 7) – Smoking does NOT cause all those diseases claimed, if we actually look at hindsight and many years of real life outcomes! Note the massive increase in say lung cancer that now affects never smokers and even more-so, ex-smokers. A recent US study showed that only 11.3% of lung cancers were in active smokers, 23% in never smokers and 65.7% in EX-smokers – most of whom had not smoked for a mean 18 years. (NEVER smokers had DOUBLE the amount of lung cancers compared to CURRENT smokers!). The message, if any, should be ‘QUITTING KILLS’!

    There can be several adverse outcomes as a RESULT of quitting that include triggering numerous autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, arthritis, thyroid problems, celiac disease, ulcerative colitis, diabetes even lung cancer, melanoma etc. etc.

    It is time for us to stop responding to all these side-campaigns that are being used by the anti-smoker movement to ‘maintain the initiative’ and divert attention away from the key issues. Instead, concentrate on the original flawed claims that ‘smoking kills’ (it doesn’t) and that there are no benefits to smoking (there are MANY) – these are the key issues!

    It is clear now that many more NON smokers as well as smokers are dying/developing ill health problems as a result. It is this weakness where we can defeat them. We will not do so while they control the debate and continue to avoid any light shining on their original mendacity or allowing them to split their opposition.


    • I do not agree with you with regard to smoking not being a killer, however, I do acknowledge that: a huge amount of exaggeration is involved; that masses of flawed and dishonest studies have been published in an attempt to create an atmosphere of fear. If you had said that second hand smoke present no danger to bystanders and that there is no real proof of this, I would be inclined to agree.

      My issue is that I liked smoking but on developing COPD was forced to give up. Now, when I say forced, I do not mean pressures being applied by others – I could literally not take a drag on my fag without coughing and spluttering and bringing up buckets of phlegm.

      Three years ago almost to a day now, I tried an e cigarette; I became a vaper and my problem was solved.

      As a controversial conclusion: Vaping is in danger – smoking is not. Tobacco Control have absolutely no intention of allowing smoking rates to fall much lower than they are now.


  4. I am still entirely convinced that the increase in cancers over the past 40 – 50 years are due to the heavy nuclear testing in the 50s to 70s. This must have released highly radioactive dustparticles which are still circulating the earth today.


    • Absolutely Alan: Indeed I think that people anticipated a huge rise in all kinds of cancer from multiple sources, and that this happened in the early 1950’s. Our changing lifestyles, diet, industrial and agricultural pollutants and other emissions – you did not have to be a seer, and they needed a scapegoat; an excuse which would see them through all of this, and they found it with cigarette smoking. So the exaggerations began.


  5. karyyl says:

    HELP!!!! Do you have a higher-resolution copy of this? Please? The online version is tiny and unreadable, even after download. You could email it to me if you have one?


    • Yep! As stated, I am not the author and do not know the platform on which the infographic is based. I have had to rely on screenshots converted to PNG images. I will send a slightly better, but readable version on fb.


  6. […] Infographic demonstrating how our agencies fall victim to regulatory capture, OR, They REALLY NEED u… […]


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