I am Billions (A poem describing the fight that harm reductionists are engaging with against the establishment)

Me, it is no longer me

I am someone else

I am a shadow

A regulation, a law, a regulation

One to be considered for my own benefit

I have not the wit to make decisions for myself

I am one of billions of ‘halfwits’

And, yet, I see fit to speak

I have a voice

That voice , however, a sad, sad shadow.

A shadow lost within the machinations of monetary and personal interest

Me, it is no longer me

I am someone else

Yet, it is me, and I,

I am the expert among ‘experts.’

Simple me, I,

I see fit to speak,

Simple me

I am not a crowd

Yet, I am billions

I am not a gathering of rulers

I sit at home and think

Yet, I have no voce

I have no voice

I am not even allowed to listen


Even to those do have voices and who make those choices

For me

So decisions are made

For those who are silenced

And they are forced into the shadows

And, yet, I cry from the shadows

I cry with a billon voices

I use my voice

I cry with their voices

And we will be heard.

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