All is Water

So, fine, e cigarette vapour is not water – and it is not vapour either, it is an aerosol (or so I have been led to believe). But, getting straight to the point, Thales of Miletus would have had a great deal to say on the issue of vaping – but he’s dead now.

‘All is water: all is air; all is fire,’ the early philosophers tried the lot. They were the first scientists and they applied logic based on what they had observed and on what they ‘knew.’ And do you know something, although they were wrong, they were not really that far off the mark. There are basic elements from which everything is made. Pretty smart stuff considering…

And so science (and philosophy began) actually, that was not the beginning, but let’s not split hairs – scientists and philosophers never do that. Let us face it, when dealing with fact and logic, how would that be possible? Just one question, should science be in brackets and not philosophy? Ah! Forget it, which would be splitting hairs – No! Let us not forget it – Is there a difference between science and philosophy? Answer for yourself, and if you think that it is not important, ok, forget it!

There would be no problem in making a definition between science and philosophy if it were not for us. You know, our need for recognition, for power, and that has got in the way of science and philosophy somewhat: human nature; greed.

And so we enter the debate about e cigarettes…

Now, you are sitting in front of a device which has access to the internet. So, use the brain that God (perhaps) gave you – perhaps God, perhaps brain, and use the infernal device to work out what is true and what is not, and keep in mind that your collective opinion may mean the saving of millions from unnecessary suffering and premature death.

And THAT is a fairly comprehensive summing up of the philosophy and scientific debate on e cigarettes.

All is water: all is air; all is fire – and do you think that was backward?

2 thoughts on “All is Water

  1. Makes you realise that the human race has complicated things… not clarified them!

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