Infographic demonstrating how our agencies fall victim to regulatory capture, OR, They REALLY NEED us to fall ill and die prematurely through smoking.

The infographic was sent to me by a medical professional who does not wish to be identified. It is so clear that it really does not need anything else. It has been argued that infographics can be misleading – Not this time.

Recent events – in Canada, in Wales, in fact all over the world bear witness to the corruption which exists in the shady world of Tobacco Control.

Even if you are not a smoker you will know / care about someone who does. I am very much afraid that the powers that be wish to remove that person from you just as soon as they have milked every last cent they can from their existence in order to gain some profit and / or advantage for himself / herself.

Now, the infographic followed by two or three interesting links.



Reg Capture Image

Reg Capture Legend

Canada, Australia, Wales, USA, EU and others… It is not really about health, is it?

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Yes, it is about money and power.