Day 157: Bubblegum and other irrelevancies.


The BMA today proved themselves more idiotic than I thought possible. Apparently the fact that bubblegum flavours exists in vaping products is evidence that ordinary vapers – like me – “want a new generation addicted to nicotine.” Because of course nicotine, separate from tobacco smoke, is so highly addictive that it has never been proven to cause addiction when used to treat disease. I must have taken a wrong turn in that statement somewhere. Perhaps the BMA have new evidence on the addictiveness of nicotine when removed from tobacco smoke, because they would need it in order to back up their statement that “Nicotine is very addictive” without qualifiers. This is the same nicotine that N.I.C.E have approved for long term use in NRT, and that is being prescribed for that purpose by GPs in the UK. It isn’t magically clean of taint when in NRT, and dirty…

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